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   Date: Tue, 4 Oct 88 17:07:39 edt
   From: jbennett@amax.npac.syr.edu (James P. Bennett)

   In The T Manual, 4th ed., make-stype takes two arguments.  In T3.0 and 3.1,
   it requires a third.  I've clearly missed some post-l984 development.  Can
   someone fill me in?

Ordinarily you should consult the T 3.0 and 3.1 release notes to find
out about changes like this.  However, I don't think this particular
change was documented.  I think the third argument has something to do
with making structures handle generic operations.  The source code for
DEFINE-STRUCTURE-TYPE (in macros.t, I think) might be of some use in
figuring out what's going on.  Or perhaps someone else on this list
will volunteer the information.