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Problems withs T3.1 build on VaxStation

I think you don't have the compiler fix file.  It turns out that one of the
fixed bugs causes the linker to be compiled incorrectly!  Here is the fix file
ofix5.t to be loaded into the orbit-env (you can compile it):

(herald ofix5 (syntax-table (env-syntax-table orbit-env)))

;;; from $BACK_END/closure.t

(define (close-analyze-label node heapenv heapvia)
  (let* ((live (lambda-live node))
         (need-contour? (eq? (lambda-env node) 'needs-link))
         (b (variable-binder heapvia))
         (via (if (or (lambda-live b)
		      (known-lambda? b)
		      (neq? (lambda-strategy b) strategy/heap))
    (set (lambda-env node) (create-join-point live via need-contour?))
    (walk (lambda (var) (set (variable-definition var) 'many)) live)
    (close-analyze-body (lambda-body node) '() via '() via)))

;;; from $BACK_END/lookup.t

(define (access-value node value)
  (cond ((and (variable? value)
	      (not (variable-binder value))
	      (var-is-vcell? value))
	 (let ((acc (lookup node (get-lvalue value) nil)))
	   (let ((reg (get-register 'pointer node '*)))
	     (generate-move acc reg)
	     (set (reg-node reg) -1)
	     (reg-offset reg 2))))
	 (really-access-value node value))))

;;; from $BACK_END/parassign.t

(define (do-assignment movers node)
  (iterate loop1 ((movers movers)
                  (targets (map arg-mover-to movers))
                  (temp nil))
    (cond ((null? movers))
         (iterate loop2 ((candidates targets))
           (cond ((null? candidates)
                  (let ((mover (car movers)))
                    (generate-move (arg-mover-to mover)
                                   (reg-offset TASK
                                     (if (eq? (reg-type (arg-mover-to mover))
                    (really-rep-convert node
                                        (arg-mover-from mover)
                                        (arg-mover-from-rep mover)
                                        (arg-mover-to mover)
                                        (arg-mover-to-rep mover))
                    (loop1 (cdr movers)
                           (delq (arg-mover-to mover) targets)
                           (arg-mover-to mover))))
                 ((not (mem? from-reg-eq? (car candidates) movers))
                  (let ((mover (car (mem to-reg-eq? (car candidates) movers))))
                    (really-rep-convert node
                         (cond ((eq? (arg-mover-from mover) temp)
                                (if (eq? (reg-type (arg-mover-from mover))
                                    (reg-offset TASK task/extra-pointer)
                                    (reg-offset TASK task/extra-scratch)))
                                (arg-mover-from mover)))
                         (arg-mover-from-rep mover)
                         (arg-mover-to mover)
                         (arg-mover-to-rep mover))
                    (loop1 (delq mover movers)
                           (delq (arg-mover-to mover) targets)
                  (loop2 (cdr candidates)))))))))

;;; from $BACK_END/bookkeep.t
(define (kill-if-dead node where)
  (cond ((lambda-node? node)
         (walk (lambda (var)
                 (if (not (or (memq? var (lambda-live where))
                              (fx= (variable-number var) 0)))
                     (kill var)))
               (lambda-live node)))
	 (let ((var (leaf-value node)))
	   (cond ((not (variable? var))
		  (kill var))
		  (let ((var (cond ((variable-known var) => lambda-self-var)
				   (else var))))
		    (if (not (memq? var (lambda-live where)))
			(kill var)))))))))

;;; from $FRONT_END/fixup.t send to hunt

(define (fix-exit-reference var node value)
  (let ((proc (call-proc (node-parent node))))
    (cond ((eq? node proc)
          ((not (primop-node? proc))
           (introduce-exit-lambda var node value '#t))
          ((eq? primop/y (primop-value proc))
           (introduce-exit-lambda var node value '#t))
             (primop-value (call-proc (node-parent node)))))))))

;;; from $BACK_END/reg.t 

(define (allocate-location node prim)
  (let ((c (cont node)))
    (if (and (lambda-node? c)
             (let ((refs (variable-refs (car (lambda-variables c)))))
               (and refs
                    (null? (cdr refs))
                    (eq? c (node-parent (node-parent (car refs))))
		    (let ((proc (call-proc (lambda-body c))))
		      (and (primop-node? proc)
			   (neq? (primop-value proc) primop/make-cell)))
                      (primop.rep-wants (leaf-value ((call-arg 2) node)))
                      (variable-rep (car (lambda-variables c)))))))
        (generate-location-access node)
        (really-allocate-primop-call node prim))))

(define (introduce-cell var)
  (let ((node (variable-binder var))
        (new-var (create-variable (variable-name var))))
    (hack-references var new-var)
    (let-nodes ((call (($ primop/make-cell) 1 (^ cont1)))
                 (cont1 (() (v new-var))
                   (($ primop/set-location) 1
                    (^ cont2) ($ primop/cell-value) (* var) (* new-var)))
                  (cont2 (#f) ()))
      (cond ((primop-ref? (call-proc (lambda-body node))
	     (insert-call call cont2 (car (call-args (lambda-body node)))))
	     (insert-call call cont2 node))))))

    (define (add-side-effects name)
      (let* ((def (base-early-binding-env name))
             (primop (vref (definition-value def) 0))
             (mask (table-entry primop-predicate-table 'primop.side-effects?)))
        (modify (%primop-bitv primop)
                (lambda (x) (fixnum-logior x 2)))))

    (add-side-effects 'receive-values)

;Real Fix - change this in DECLARE.T in the front-end:

    (define-declaration (simplifier name exp) (shape)
      (cond ((new-env-definition shape name)
             => (lambda (def)
                  (let* ((clauses `(((primop.simplify self node) (,exp node))
                                    ((primop.side-effects? self) '#t)
                                    ((primop.integrate? self node) nil)))
                         (primop (eval (primop-code name '() clauses) orbit-env)))
                    (set (primop.source primop) clauses)
                    (add-new-primop shape primop)
                    (set (definition-value def)
                         (node->vector (create-primop-node primop))))))
             (missing-declaration-variable-warning name 'simplifier))))