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Re: Diverse Subjects

    2) TC Nodes: With all these extra Apollos around, why don't we splice
    one or two into the ring and dedicate them to running TC?

First, it is already possible to take advantage of idle nodes using
the "crp" program (in the sr7 user's manual).  I know of several
people who regularly run TC on other nodes via "crp".  Works great.

Second, there are some hairy problems with the system you propose.
They are probably all solvable (and well worth solving), but it would
take time.  For example, TC writes files -- where should it put them?
Does it run with the requestor's user ID?  Does it leave the files
in a publicly writable directory?  Is this a good thing?  What about
naming and working directories?  When a HERALD contains "(TUTIL FOO)",
T wants to read "~tutil/foo.sup".  Whose "~" gets used?  What if the
compiler hits a breakpoint?  And on and on.

                -- Nat