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Scheme Bibliography

Thanks for all the suggestions, especially Dorab Patel.
I plan to assemble all the input into Unix refer format
and will make the scheme bibliography available to all.

The article that prompted assembling a scheme bibliography
was "Transformations and Reductions Strategies for Typed
Lambda Expressions" by Michael Georgeff, ACM TOPLAS, Vol 6,
No 4, Oct 84, pp 603-631.  The article claims to present
an efficient method for evaluating expressions that may 
contain expressions that return functions, using only a stack.  
The trick is to defer the evaluation of function valued expressions
until sufficient arguments are available to reduce the function
to a nonfunctional value.  This seems odd to me, as it seems
you can no longer treat functions as data.  Functions loss their 
first class status.  In any event, the paper's reference list
is missing many relavent scheme papers.  Even Stoy is missing!
I would enjoy other's opinions on the paper.