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GC and tables

One of the problems which has often surfaced while hacking T, and most
recently with the single-stepper, is that of creating a virtual link
between two objects.  Logically, what I want is a function (or table)
mapping objects to objects with the added feature that the table does
not prevent keys from being garbage-collected nor does it keep f(x)\n from being GCed *AFTER* x has been GCed.  

One implementation would be to simply extend the length of the object
by one pointer field.  This is clearly unfeasible.

Using "weak pointers" - the functions OBJECT-HASH and OBJECT-UNHASH
satisfies the first condition, but not the second.  

Populations don't seem to be a reasonable mechanism either.

Does anyone have such a table implementation?  Can it be written by
GC hooks?

                                --- Jonathan