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MAKE-... and friends

This is probably a plea for consistency.

When defining structure-types in T, I like to define a routine similar 
to MAKE-FOO, usually called MAKE&FILL-FOO, which calls MAKE-FOO, fills 
the appropriate slots with the appropriate arguments, and initializes
any other slots. 

But I don't like the name, so I thought I'd look at the T sources and 
see what name they use.  It turns out that MAKE-foo can take one of
several forms:

        (MAKE-TABLE id)         - makes an object with that id
        (MAKE-VECTOR len)       - makes an object with that len
        (MAKE-SYMBOL arg)       - makes an object filling slots
        (MAKE-LIST-READER)      - no args!
        (MAKE-POOL id gen)      - seems to fill slots

I interpret MAKE-FOO to actually initialize the object, while NEW-FOO
would imply no initialization (like structures).

While we're on the subject of consistency, is it
        (WALK-type proc type) 
or      (WALK-type type proc)  


                                --- Jonathan