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XENOIDs, and other strange beasts

How can I use define-apollo to pass some ugly structure from one PASCAL
routine to another (with a layover in T).  For instance:

PROCEDURE make-a-garp(OUT g:garp);


   { code that makes a garp }


PROCEDURE use-a-garp(IN g:garp);


   { code that uses a garp }


And then in T:

   (define-apollo make-a-garp ...)
   (define-apollo use-a-garp ...)

Followed by:

   (make-a-garp g)
   (use-a-garp g)

I'ved tried using most of the various combinations possible, but they don't
seem to work.  USE-A-GARP always gives me that famous message:

   Error: inconsistent arguments ...  (lost error information)

Any and all help appreciated.

				-- Scott Turner