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T manual

    Date: Thu, 5 Sep 85 16:06:05 edt
    From: jjh at ll-vlsi (Jim Hunt)

    	What is the current revision and status of T; and how may
    one obtain a current copy of the manual?  Is the manual available
    over ARPAnet?

The current version of T is 2.8.  (We never sent out a release notice
for 2.8; sorry about that.)

The current version of the manual is the fourth edition (Jan. '84), which
however should be used in conjunction with the T 2.8 release notes.  The
fifth editition hasn't been finished yet.

The manual's in Scribe format, but the machine-readable source isn't set
up to be distributed.  Unfortunate but true.  Hard copy of the manual is
available (single-sided and unbound, ready for re-reproduction; or
double-sided) from the Yale CS department, I think.  Call (203)