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Internal compiler error

    Date: 19 July 1983 11:46 EDT
    From: John D. Ramsdell <JDR @ MIT-MC>
    To:   t-bugs at YALE
    Re:   Internal compiler error

    While compiling a fairly large file, I received the following:

    ;>>>> Internal compiler error!
    ;>>>> Report this bug to the compiler implementors.
    ;>>>> Type (RET) to attempt corrective action.
    ;Error: TN can't be forced into memory (look at *TN*)
    ;Action: will not try to force it, but something's fishy here
    >> *tn*
    #{TN 2504}

Did you try saying (RET)?  I know of no case where this bug report has
arisen and incorrect code resulted.  The condition derives from the
inaccuracy of the LON/FON space TN lifetime computation, and as far as I
know, it can't in itself cause problems.  At some point I'll hack the
compiler to just not generate the report, but in the meantime let me
know if (RET) works.