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output radix in T 2.7?

    From: Chris Riesbeck <Riesbeck>
    Re:   output radix

    FORMAT's ~nR is OK for constant bases, but what about variable ones?  
    ....  Couldn't you export (OUTPUT-RADIX)?

Can't export the output radix, because it's a global resource.  (With
the advent of T 2.7, there are really no more global resources in the
system other than the "user interface" switches like REPL-ENV.)  A
"right" solution is to put the radix in a read table, and have PRINT
look at the read table associated with the output stream.  A different
"right" solution would be to extend FORMAT to take variable ~ prefix

If you can live without it, that would be great.  If you can't, then
access the internal binding in the implementation environment, until a
better solution comes along.