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Re: WD (CD) in T

    Could someone please tell me how to change my working (connected)
    directory while in T. I need to know for the Apollo, but I suppose
    more general information would be appreciated by other readers
    of this bboard.
things, this defines Nat's WD procedural object, after which

    (WD)    returns current working directory, as a string
    (SET (WD) string)   sets current working directory to string

    Could someone point me to some info on Apollo xenoids.
This information seems to be de-released at the moment.  It's easiest
to use Nat's DEFAPOLLO and SYS packages to define them in T.  See
the sources for DEFAPOLLO and SYS for documentation.  On the research
ring, the sources are in //gamma/tools/sources/t_sys_utils.