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Name needed

What's a  good  suffix  for  a  procedure that makes in-place changes to
a subsequence?  For  example,  you  might  want  to  set  the  middle  3
characters of  a  5-character  string  to some other 3-character string.
I want to say

               (SET (STRING-SLICE some-string 1 3) "xyz")

except that that's all wrong; STRING-SLICE can't have  a  setter,  since
it doesn't  refer  to a (single) location.  Other examples might include
lists  and  vectors,  as  well  as  non-sequential  objects  that   have
sharable-access components (as STRING-SLICE is to strings).

"-FILL" is already spoken for, and denotes the repetition of one  element
throughout a sequence.  "-OVERLAY"?  "-OVERLAY!"?