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debugging and lambda variables

I've noticed that when a function craps out you can't look at lambda variables.
For example, if you have said,

    (DEFINE (FOO ...)
        (LET ((A ...) (B ...))

and FOO craps out, then you can't examine A and B.  Need I say that this sets
back debugging to the good old days of, say, 1955-1960.  Is there any way out
of this problem??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

In a similar vein:  When a function craps out is there any way of figuring
out where in the function the problem has occured?  Knowing what function
blew up (and this info is not always available) is not sufficient if the
problem function is called several times in the course of evaluating some
outer function.  The inspector seems to be of absolutely no value in debugging
broken programs.  Crawling over structures is fun, but I want to know why
my program bombed out.

PS: I've heard that the inspector for Tau 2.7 solves some of these problems.
Big deal!!  2.7 has not yet been released, and may not be for some time to
come since the release is being held up to coincide with an event over which
the T implementors have no control.  Since the release of 2.7 could be held
up for weeks or months to come, what debugging tools can be made available
to those of us stuck with 2.6a.