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Call for papers

()                                CALL FOR PAPERS                           ()
()                             1984 ACM SYMPOSIUM ON                        ()
()                        LISP AND FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING                   ()
()                UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, AUGUST 5-8, 1984           ()
()            (Sponsored by the ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTING MACHINERY)        ()

This is the third in a series of biennial conferences on the LISP language and
issues related to applicative languages.  Especially welcome are papers
addressing implementation problems and programming environments.  Areas of
interest include (but are not restricted to) systems, large implementations,
programming environments and support tools, architectures, microcode and
hardware implementations, significant language extensions, unusual applications
of LISP, program transformations, compilers for applicative languages, lazy
evaluation, functional programming, logic programming, combinators, FP, APL,
PROLOG, and other languages of a related nature.

Please send eleven (11) copies of a detailed summary (not a complete paper) to
the program chairman:

        Guy L. Steele Jr.
        Tartan Laboratories Incorporated
        477 Melwood Avenue
        Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  15213

Submissions will be considered by each member of the program committee:

 Robert Cartwright, Rice            William L. Scherlis, Carnegie-Mellon
 Jerome Chailloux, INRIA            Dana Scott, Carnegie-Mellon
 Daniel P. Friedman, Indiana        Guy L. Steele Jr., Tartan Laboratories
 Richard P. Gabriel, Stanford       David Warren, Silogic Incorporated
 Martin L. Griss, Hewlett-Packard   John Williams, IBM
 Peter Henderson, Stirling

Summaries should explain what is new and interesting about the work and what
has actually been accomplished.  It is important to include specific findings
or results and specific comparisons with relevant previous work.  The committee
will consider the appropriateness, clarity, originality, practicality,
significance, and overall quality of each summary.  Time does not permit
consideration of complete papers or long summaries; a length of eight to twelve
double-spaced typed pages is strongly suggested.

February 6, 1984 is the deadline for the submission of summaries.  Authors will
be notified of acceptance or rejection by March 12, 1984.  The accepted papers
must be typed on special forms and received by the program chairman at the
address above by May 14, 1984.  Authors of accepted papers will be asked to
sign ACM copyright forms.

Proceedings will be distributed at the symposium and will later be available\n from ACM.

Local Arrangements Chairman             General Chairman

Edward A. Schneider                     Robert S. Boyer
Burroughs Corporation                   University of Texas at Austin
Austin Research Center                  Institute for Computing Science
12201 Technology Blvd.                  2100 Main Building
Austin, Texas 78727                     Austin, Texas 78712
(512) 258-2495                          (512) 471-1901