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Re: New TC

    From: Nathaniel Mishkin <Mishkin>
    I notice that the new TC [for T 2.7] has some different behavior
    w.r.t. lambda binding names that happen to be the same as
    macros/special-forms.  I believe that in the old TC, the lambda
    binding would apply within the lambda body whereas now the macro
    binding applies in the body.  I got an error using HANDLER because
    of this.
    I'm not saying the new behavior is unreasonable, just that it should
    be documented.
Okay, I'll put mention of this in a prominent place in 2.7.doc.

Also, I have changed the status of this from an "error" to a "warning."
Your code is really only broken if there's an occurrence of the bound
variable in the car of an expression and the expression wants to be
a call, not a special form.