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Re: U's use of name-spaces

    This sort of extended REQUIRE eliminates the need for a lot of Todd's
    questions (I think), in that programmers wouldn't really need to know
    what's available - if they want something they extended-REQUIRE it
    in their favorite way (e.g. in INIT.T), and if it wasn't available
    to begin with it loads, if it was it doesn't.  ...
My argument, all along, has been that the key to the whole problem
is documentation.  If the system can maintain and use this
documentation, so much the better.  You have demonstrated that I
probably was not correct in suggesting that a more robust form of
REQUIRE would not do the trick.  However, until some such system is
devised and implemented, users must have reliable documentation as
to just what embeded systems and other packages are loading.  Your
proposal makes lots of sense in the long run, but I (and probably
others) need appropriate documentation and utilities to cover the
months that will pass before before this issue is finally resolved.