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As promised, T 2.7 has been released:

   - On the Yale research ring, run "chkupd" to get it on your node.
     If you run "tc", you will automatically get the new version,
     thanks to the wonders of links.  T 2.6 will continue to be
     available as "//fs1/t/t2.6/sys/t" and "//fs1/t/t2.6/comp/tc".

   - On the Yale Unix Vaxes, version 2.7 will be available as "t"
     and "tc" in /usr/yale/bin as soon it has been copied over, which
     should be today sometime.  Version 2.6 will be available as
     "t2.6" and "tc1.3".

   - VMS T 2.7 is still in intensive care after an I/O system
     transplant, but the prognosis is good.  Watch this space.  It
     will definitely be available on the EDVAXes for use next term.

   - The release on Yale-Zoo will be delayed until classes are over.
     You can continue to run the almost-released copy which is over

   - Non-Yale users will get tapes/floppies after the release has
     been in use here for a week or two.  If you're really anxious
     to get the new stuff and you're on Arpanet, you can try FTP'ing
     the files over.


   - The file //fs1/t/doc/t2.7.doc is the official release notice.
     Copies will be made available elsewhere.  If you want me to mail
     it to you, just ask.

   - Work on the 4th edition of the manual is still in progress, but
     it should be available by Christmas, if not sooner.