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Re: info on apollo T graphics

    Is (has?) anyone making the apollo graphics primitives available from T?

Several people  at  Yale  have  written  Apollo-graphics  programs in T.
Nat Mishkin wrote some very handy  routines  (e.g.,  DEFINE-APOLLO)  for
allowing  Aegis  calls  from  T.   I  used  that to write a package that
implements all the GPR stuff (except input), where bitmaps  are  objects
that handle  text-output  operations  (WRITEC,  NEWLINE,  etc.)  as well
as graphics calls such  as  "(SET  (FILL-COLOR  <bitmap>)  'WHITE)"  and
"(FILL-CIRCLE <bitmap>  <center>  <radius>)".   SR7  just  came out, and
I plan to extend my graphics package to include  the  new  features  and
graphic input,  but  that  probably  won't  get  done for a month or so.
If you want an SR6-compatible version, let me know, and  I'll  ship  the
files and  documentation  to a Yale machine that you can reach with FTP.