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Re: new t problems

T-Users is appropriate for announcements of general interest to users.
It is intended as a one-way channel from implementors (of T, utilities,
or whatever) to users.  Please send gripes about the system to me,
T-Bugs, or T-Discussion.  If the answers seem to be of general interest
I'll send them on to T-Users.

    From:    Steven Salzberg <Salzberg>
    1.  Why in the world do we have to move our init.t files to our home 
        directory, rather than our naming directory?  I wasn't aware that
        the status quo was such an incredible problem.  
I presume you mean this the other way around; T looks for init files in the
naming directory.  This is a source of hot debate, and it seemed to a few
people at least that the status quo was a problem, and that this was the
simplest improvement on it.  No scheme is going to satsify everyone.
A better one might be forthcoming, but there wasn't time to put it into
T 2.7.

Apparently the Aegis display manager sometimes has trouble setting
the naming directory correctly in new processes; maybe you're running
into this problem.

    2.  More annoyingly, why have heralds required in EVERY file (causing 
        a warning if they're absent, and undoubtedly a bug in future T's).
        It seems that since LOAD is given the names of files as arguments,
        it should be a simple affair to do the work of a herald by default
        without printing a warning message.

The HERALD forms are not required at this point; I'm willing to listen
to arguments either way.  The warning in LOAD was added to make LOAD
compatible with TC, which also generated a warning; you may safely
ignore both warnings.  I don't see why you say "undoubtedly."  I, at
least, least have doubts.

    3.  Even more immediately annoying is the "disappearance" of the !
        readmacro.  Now, in order to use it, we must put
         (HERALD ... (READ-TABLE *TLISP-READ-TABLE*) ... )
        in every file which uses it (according to the documentation).  This
        is so annoying that I found it more convenient to replace my (manY)
        uses of ! with semicolons -- fearing that, in the future, I would
        often forget what to put in this herald, and further, that the
        global variable would change as these things often do.  I just 
        gave up.

What can I say.  The merit of the change has been argued elsewhere.
If you have questions I would be glad to talk with you personally.
Your solution seems like a reasonable one.