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Re: output bug

    From:    Gregg Collins <Collins-Gregg>
    Subject: output bug
    To:      Rees, T-Bugs
    > (writec standard-output #\!)
    ** Error: operation not handled
      (WRITE-CHAR #{Stream-switch 116 *STANDARD-OUTPUT*} #\!)
    Naturally, this causes PRINT, DISPLAY, and other  things  not  to  work,
    at  least  on  standard  output and terminal output.

That your WRITEC worked at all in T 2.6 was an unreleased and undocumented
feature.  Check your T manual and the T 2.7 release notes; you should
have been saying

    (writec (standard-output) #\!)

all along.

Sorry for this confusion.  Hopefully unreleased features will be less
of a problem after T 2.7.