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T Manual, 4th edition

The 4th edition of the T manual is available.

It is not radically different from the 3rd edition (at least not like
the 3rd was from the 2nd).  These are its main features:

    - Describes the new features of T 2.6 and 2.7 (e.g., filenames).
    - Explains some things a little better (e.g., CRAWL).
    - Fixes typos.

Members of the Yale CS department may obtain copies from Donna Landorf
in DL 405A.

Yale undergraduates will be able to get them from one of the copy
centers beginning in a day or two.

T users outside Yale will get an unbound copy along with their T 2.7
distribution.  This is to allow you to run off your own copies, which
is more economical for you and less hassle for us.  If you don't know
whether you're getting a 2.7 distribution, contact Donna at 203/432-4666
or the below address.

People outside Yale who won't be getting 2.7 distributions may send
money (prepayment necessary) to:

    Donna Landorf
    Computer Science Dept.
    2158 Yale Station
    New Haven CT 06520

First class mail - domestic           $  9.25
First class mail - overseas             14.00
Third class mail - anywhere (surface)    8.25