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Re: ASM hack (gesundheit)

    Date:    Fri, 10 Feb 84 12:49:19 EST
    From:    Drew McDermott <Mcdermott>
    Subject: ASM hack (gesundheit)
    To:      Apollo-Users
    Has anyone experimented with calling the assembler directly (using
    PGM_$INVOKE) from TC?  If so, I would like to snarf the code.
Obviously TC ought to do this itself.  We would have put it in long
ago if it were a little less tricky.  If you run the assembler in
the same process, you out of address space.  The right thing is to
run the assembler in a separate process, which is not hard, but you
have to wait for the process to complete; this is a little tricky
because you have to use either a mailbox or an event count to wait
for the assembly to finish.  We plan to hack this at some point, but
in the meantime, you're one your own...