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arg order for PUSH

Arguments for (PUSH place item):
  - Consistency with other location modifiers: they all take the
    place-whose-value-is-being-hacked as their first argument.
  - Ellis, Pitman, Adams, and Rees like it, and as everyone knows, they're
    always right, esp. in concert.

Arguments against (PUSH place item):
  - It's not status quo.  Everyone (including Maclisp, Lispm, Common
    Lisp, UCI Lisp, ...) does it the other way.
  - It doesn't agree with the "natural" English rendering:
    "push item onto list".

I give considerable weight to consistency arguments and not much to
status quo.  Naturalness is subjective and my conception will be
different from other people's; anyhow, this is a programming language,
not English with prepositions deleted.

So we probably won't change it from its current definition:  (PUSH place
item).  Unless there's a coup.