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re: push

My last attempt at pouring oil on troubled waters seems to have
disappeared -- at least I didn't see it.  If you experience deja vu
(more so than this argument should already engender), please accept
my apologies.

The consistency argument (change changed-thing item) is fine by me,
but it doesn't seem reasonable to warp PUSH to fit it, when both
English AND Lisp conventions say otherwise.  Therefore, don't use
PUSH.  Call it something else.  There's no benefit in reusing an old
name if the old name is going to confuse people -- AND IT WILL!!!

Also, complete consistency is not an achievable goal in these matters.
For example, what is the consistent order of arguments for the
"add an item to the end of a list" function?  (CONS-END item list)
to be consistent with CONS, or (APPEND1 list item) to be consistent
with APPEND?  Depending on the name you choose, you get a different