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Thou shalt not with MY lisp implementation

[ Jonathan says he will send his response to the PUSH controversey
  when he gets the Lisp Conference paper under control ]

T imposes restrictions on the programmer that traditional lisps do not.
These restrictions are not engineered specifically to annoy established
Lisp programmers; rather, the restrictions are intended to encourage a
style of programming where the resultant programs do not contain hidden
dependencies and assumptions.

T is not the "New Implementation of Lisp."

In designing T, we are faced with deciding between restrictions that
are useful,  and ones that are not.  We are guided by people we know
that have lived with the kind of restrictions that T imposes;  and
our own experiences.  For example,  from our experience we observe
that consistency is rarely a bad thing. 

Remember, we have to use this language too.  We have written more than
20000 lines of running T code; we have an interest in the language
being usable and maintainable.