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Mailing Lists

New distribution list: T-BUGS.  From now on, please send T and T
compiler bug reports to T-BUGS instead of T-DISCUSSION.

The more interesting bug FIXES will continue to be posted on
T-Discussion for now.  Maybe there should be a T-Users, distinct from

Please do not add yourself to the T-BUGS list.  The file
[YALE-RES]<F.T.MAIL>T-BUGS.TXT holds a transcript of messages sent to
T-BUGS; look there if you're interested.

The transcript for T-Discussion now resides in the following places:
	[YALE-RES]<F.T.MAIL>T-DISCUSSION.TXT  (note change: not <F.T> any more)
	[YALE-CS]<F.T>T-DISCUSSION.TXT    (may also move to <F.T.MAIL> someday)