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New VAX T Release

I released VAX T version 1.57 yesterday.  It has some of the features
described in the recent Apollo release notice, but is not completely
up to date.

One additional feature is worth noting:

- (SET (RECKLESS?) T) and (SET (RECKLESS?) NIL) will respectively disable
  and enable consistency-checking in the calling sequence.  This is a
  temporary kludge, and will be replaced by something more general in the
  future, but it's kind of fun to play with if you care about timings and
  things like that.  This works on the VAX but not on the Apollo.

Painful bugs worth remembering:

- GC now has problems, it comes on some bad pointer somewhere and goes
  into a break loop.  Say (RET NIL) to proceed; that might work.
  Hope no ine depends on the GC yet.

- Saying ^D at break level will sometimes do a RESET but sometimes does an
  (EXIT).  Don't use it.

- The ^C interrupt works, but avoid doing anything besides (BACKTRACE),
  (DEBUG), and (RESET) in the break loop.

My apologies for these annoyances.  I'll get on the trail after my vacation.