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VAX T 1.70 released

VAX T version 70 is released.  Features and bug fixes include:

   - Structures and delays are in, as described in the manual.

   - READ-LINE works now.

   - Fixed problem with LOAD whereby input stream didn't get closed when
     the load was thrown out of (e.g. aborted with a RESET).

   - New streams TERMINAL-INPUT and TERMINAL-OUTPUT exist.  For now these
     are pretty much the same as STANDARD-INPUT and STANDARD-OUTPUT, but the
     idea is that the latter are intended to be re-bound, and the former
     aren't.  Watch this space for future plans.
     The "T" in (FORMAT T ...) now means TERMINAL-OUTPUT.

   - Procedure names are tracked somewhat more reliably now.  That is, you
     should see things like #{Procedure #x37EFC} printed a little less often,
     and #{Procedure FROBAZZ} a little more often.

   - DEBUG has new commands W (which does a WHERE-DEFINED on the current frame)
     and R (like Maclisp's DEBUG's R - return (throw) a value to this frame).
     Still not very useful, but getting there.

   - The long names for the arithmetic routines (ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLY,
     etc.) are defined now.  MIN and MAX exist.  They still aren't generic,
     but that will come.

Some of these items have been previously reported for the Apollo
version, or are true and unreported.  When version 71 or 72 comes along
we'll try to get the VAX and Apollo versions really in sync again, so a
release notice will be a release notice.