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newline et al

    From: James R. Meehan <Meehan at YALE-RES>

    ... was there once a convention
    like #\CONTROL-A, #\CONTROL-B, etc.?  Sounds handy.

You may be thinking of Common Lisp, which supports this.  T's syntax,
for now at least, is #^A, #^B, etc., but I'm not sure that's "right" and
besides, it doesn't work (due to bug in CONTROLIFY due to omission in
code generator).

Actually, come to think of it, T did support #\CONTROL-A etc. for a
while.  Maybe I should re-install that feature.

I'm curious about what applications this would have... presumably cases
where EBCDIC compatibility is not an issue (take that as a joke or not)...