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Request for your collected wisdom

In explaining T to various programmers, I've noticed that there are
a few things in T that they find useful that aren't in the manual and
don't exactly fit anywhere in particular, such as how to get "own"
variables, (indeed, how to share "own" variables among several
procedures), or how to use "labels" to rewrite a recursive procedure
so that it's tail-recursive.  Many of you have been programming in
T long enough to find some of your own.  If you know of similar
techniques, send them to me.  If there are enough, or if the ones I
get seem useful enough, we may put them in the next edition of the

I'm not looking for horrible hacks that happen to work in this week's
implementation (though you can send those, too -- I'll put them
somewhere like GASP.T).  Rather, I'm looking for features that would
be of interest to programmers from other languages, particularly other
dialects of LISP.  For example, as the manual notes, MACLISP programmers
(TLISP, too) sometimes write procedures as macros so that they'll compile
open-coded, yet this is unadvisable in T.  Why?  (Presumably something