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Re: [Maas: The T Programming Language]

    Date:    Fri, 29 Apr 83 14:09:05 EDT
    From:    Robert Nix <Nix@YALE.ARPA>
            I wish people would stop making up one-letter names for their new
            programming languages, like C or T.
[quoted out of context, I also said Sesame Street programs are
"brought to you by the letters ... and ..." <varies with program> thus
all the single letters are trademarked by Children's Television
Workshop; obviously I was spoofing somewhat]
        I agree completely.  I never did like the name T, but nobody ever
        suggested anything better.  Shall we open up the discussion again?
    I think that you should name it after your first-born son, or
What do you have against daughters? After all, Ada Lovelace was the
very first person to attempt to write a computer program (she didn't
have a computer to run it on, so there's no way to know if she wrote a
workable program or a bunch of bugs, but she did try first!). Let's use
both male and female names:

Female: Ada (already in use) or Andrea (android in Startrek episode),
Beatrice, Corinne (nice pun with swapping memory in from disk), Dione
(program used on Galileo-3 probe to Saturn and its moons), Esther
(program for chemical analysis, pun) or Eve (see Adam, below), Fiona,
Ginger, Heather, Imogene, June (program that got finished just at the
end of fiscal year), Katy (pun, when program does something, say "katy
did"), Lynette, ..., Rapunzel, ..., Zelda.

Male: Adam (program on first probe to other star to establish a
colony), Billy Carter (no comment), David (small system outperforms
large system), Flint (Startrek character), Gomer, Horace, Ilyia <sp??,
tennis player> (system with many nasty mis-features), Jerry (program
to run medfly-killer robot), ..., Lauren (see Weinstein, below),
Marvin, Nikita (Soviet software system), ..., Whit, ...

Last names: Babbage, Diffie, Hellman, Knuth, Lovelace, Minsky or
McCarthy, Nix, Postel, Rivest, Shannon, Von Neumann, Weinstein, ...

(Let's keep this silly!!)