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T3.1 for Apollos under SR10

This message is directed to sites using T on Apollos and wishing to convert
to SR10.  An SR10 version of the tsystem directory for T3.1 is available via 
anonymous ftp from wheaties.ai.mit.edu, file pub/t3.1/apollot_sr10.tar.Z.

Alternatively, if you can still run SR9, update your system by following these 

1. Get a new copy of the boot loader by anonymous ftp to wheaties.ai.mit.edu
        ftp>  binary
        ftp>  get pub/t3.1/apollo_sr10_bl ~/tsystem/newbl

2. Add the following to ~/tsystem/tfix5.t (or your latest fix file):

(define aegis-fs?
  (let ((specials '(\/\/ \/ \. \\ \~)))
    (object (lambda (fs) (eq? (fs-type fs) aegis-fs?))
      ((special-symbols self) specials)
      ((massage-logical-name self ln)
       (let ((ln-string (string-downcase (symbol->string ln))))
         (cond ((memq? ln specials)
                (string-append "~/" ln-string "/")))))
      ((parse-filespec self fs string)
       (ignore fs)
       (string->filename string #\/ #\.)) 
      ((print self port)
       (format port "#{File-system-type~_AEGIS}")))))

(define (the-init-file-directory) "~/")

3. Start T and compile the fix file:
     (comfile '(tsystem tfix5)) 

4. Start up T with a large heap, e.g:
     ~/tsystem/bl ~/tsystem/st.image -h 8000000

5. Suspend a new system:
     ((*value t-implementation-env 'system-suspend) '(tsystem new) nil)

6. You should now be able to run T under SR10:
     ~/tsystem/newbl ~/tsystem/new.image

7. ~/tsystem/newbl and ~/tsystem/new.image will also work under SR9.
   They should replace ~/tsystem/bl and ~/tsystem/st.image