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Re: How to access the most current environment in T?

In article <53777@yale-celray.yale.UUCP>, Ram-Ashwin@cs (Ashwin Ram) writes:
>In article <53702@yale-celray.yale.UUCP>, ayang@pulsar.cs.yale.edu (allan yang) writes:
>> In T version 3.1, is there a way to access the most current environment?
>> More specifically, given
>> (let ((x 'y) (y 1)) (eval x *most-current-env*))
>> I want the body be evaluated to 1. User-env does not contain the most
>> recent binding of y.
>    > (let ((x 'y) (y 1)) (eval x (the-environment)))
>    1

This doesn't seem to work in compiled code:

     > (let ((x 'y) (y 5)) (eval x (the-environment)))
     > (orbit '(let ((x 'y) (y 5)) (eval x (the-environment))))

     ;** Warning: unreferenced variable Y
     ;   Location: in (LET ((X (QUOTE Y)) (Y 5)) (EVAL X (THE-ENVIRONMENT)))
     ** Error: variable Y is unbound

The same error occurs if stuff is added to refer to X and to make the EVAL
call non-tail recursive.