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      Date: Mon, 27 Nov 89 00:55:44 CST
      From: dave@aegis.ai.mit.edu
      Apparently-To: kranz@wheaties.ai.mit.edu

      I wanted to try to customize my T (pmax_xt) startup by using an init.t
      in my home directory.  But if I try to put (scheme-reset) into init.t, I
      get the output:

      T 3.1 (5) MIPS/UNIX  Copyright (C) 1989 Yale University
      ;Loading  /usr/local/tlisp/tfix5.mlo into T-IMPLEMENTATION-ENV
      [Redefining PUSH-MAGIC-FRAME] 
      ;Loading  /usr/users/dave/init.t into USER-ENV
      ** Error: attempt to call a non-procedure
      **        (() ())

      I presume that this has something to do with the environment in effect
      at the time init.t is loaded, since if I load it myself manually after
      T Top level comes up it works.

      Any ideas on how to make this work?

Instead of (scheme-reset), put the following in your init file.  The
only difference you'll notice is that the prompt will be > instead of
==>.  And if you want to get back to T, do (set! (repl-env)
t-user-env) instead of (t-reset).

    (*define scheme-env 'reset reset)
    (*define scheme-env 't-user-env user-env)

    (*define scheme-env 'load
	     (lambda stuff
	       (bind ((((*value t-implementation-env 'source-file-extension))
		 (apply load stuff))))

    (*define scheme-env 'compile-file
      (eval '(lambda (spec)
	       (bind ((((*value t-implementation-env 'source-file-extension))
		 ((*value orbit-env 'totally-comfile)

    (set (repl-env) scheme-env)

- Jonathan