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T Graphic Window Package

      I have written a window package in T which makes a lot of the
basic Apollo Graphic functionality available to T.  The package is
modelled on a similar package in Interlisp-D.  It supports multiple
windows, writing with multiple fonts, graphics, and mouse-based

      The code will be compiled and environment-isolated in the next
few days when I figure out how to do these things.

 To use it, create a link in your top level directory as follows:

   crl ~t_windows //mcdermott/yale/letovsky/t/windows

and do

 (load "~t_windows/window.t")

(If this is not the currently fashionable way to use links,
will someone please tell me?)

There is a complete manual in t_windows/doc/window.ima suitable for
printing on the imagen.

Send bug reports to me.