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manual errata

Errata -- T manual, fourth edition 

(This is the file "//fs1/t/tman/fourth.errata" on YALE-RING.)

17 March 1984

Page 58.   The LOWERCASE? examples are in error.
               (LOWERCASE? #\y)      =>  true
               (LOWERCASE? #\Y)      =>  false
               (LOWERCASE? #\COMMA)  =>  false

Page 98.   (TC-SYNTAX-TABLE) - the second sentence is false.  (ENV ...)
           only augments the early binding environment; it has no
           effect on the syntax table.  For user-defined syntax to
           be used in the compilation of a file, syntax table entries
           must be established in (TC-SYNTAX-TABLE), or in the syntax
           table specified in the SYNTAX-TABLE clause; these entries
           might be set up, e.g., by loading files containing
           DEFINE-SYNTAX forms.

Page 106.  2nd "R" command description.  This is not implemented by T 2.7.

Page 119.  "FX-" and FL-" require two arguments; they cannot be called
           with one argument.