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Re: T heap size

    Date:    Wed, 25 Apr 84 15:02:24 EST
    From:    "Benjamin F. Goldberg" <Goldberg-Benjamin>

    Can you specify the T heap size (using t -h) on the Unix machines? If 
    so, what is the maximum size?

You can use "-h" with Unix T 2.8, but not 2.7.  In either case, the
default is for T to obtain as much as it can, up to a limit of something
like 5 or 8 meg per heap.  Yale's VAX Unixes are configured with a
system-wide limit on virtual memory size (actually "data segment"
size, but the effect is the same), independent of what you can set
with the "limit" command, of 6112K bytes, which means 3 meg per heap,
or less than what you can get on the Apollo (even though the address
space is 256 times larger on the VAX!).  Rob Carey and I have been
unable to figure out how to change this limit (we have checked both
documentation and sources), although I have seen other sites which
have a larger limit.  So for now at least, the maximum size is what
you're getting, about 3 meg.