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2.8 release

T 2.8 will be released tomorrow, Friday, May 4, during the day some
time, on Yale's Unix machines and research ring.  Availability on
the Zoo and on the VMS machines may be delayed somewhat.

T 2.7 will continue to be available as "//fs1/t/t2.7/sys/t" on the
research ring or "t2.7" on the Unices.

Release notes are now in "//bronto/t/t2.8/doc/release_notes" and will
be copied to the Unices and Zoo when the release happens.  There is also
a summary of unreleased "features" in the same directory, in the file

Note to non-Yale users:

    We would like to wait a week or two before sending tapes outside
    Yale, so that we can deal with any problems that show up after
    the release here.  If you would like me to send you a copy of
    the release notes, contact me.  If you're interested in obtaining
    T over Arpanet, also contact me.

    Note that T 2.8 works under Unix 4.2 BSD as well as 4.1 BSD.  Please
    specify which when ordering.

    In the past, we have sent out tapes of new releases for free to
    people who have already sent in their $75.  We have been losing
    money by doing this.  Beginning now, the $75 charge is a one-time
    distribution fee.  To obtain 2.8 (or 2.9, etc.) you must send
    us a new distribution fee.  However, you won't need to complete
    a new license, the old one will do.  Send requests, checks, and
    logistical questions to Donna Landorf.

                - JR