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help in documenting and formating T (Lisp) code

One modification:
  previously the at sign (@) was used to delimit comments
  it has been changed to a vertical bar (|) because @ is
  used in the backquote syntax.

  The five following commands have been made available:
  Issuing one of those commands in a comment paragraph
  will change the size of the fonts used for the code
  which follows.

  Also, Uppercase letters wont start the automatic boldface
  typesetting thing in a string, or if they follow a backslash (\);
  the last is for the character syntax, say, #\A to denote the
  uppercase character A.

  [YALE-RING] //bronto/yale/duchier/tek/ttt.begin

  ttt.end contains only: |\bye
  the command //bonto/yale/duchier/com/tt concatenates the two
  preceding files with yours in between and calls TeX on the
  resulting (...).tex file.

  You definitely want to read that!

Denys Duchier-Proust