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Re: Calling Apollo Primitives

    I'm not sure this is the right location to be sending this message
    & I apologize if it is not.  I would like to call Apollo system
    services from T.  I have seen that ability alluded to (namely
    in the "T- The Ultimate Software Tool..." paper), but nowhere
    have I seen it described.  Could someone mail a short example
    of how to define an apollo primitivee in T ?
T 2.[78]'s underlying (undocumented and "unreleased") support for
calling Apollo Pascal is pretty arcane.  Fortunately, however, I've
written a macro package called DEFAPOLLO that runs on top of that
support.  This package makes it fairly easy to call Apollo system
calls (at least those with relatively simple argument types) from
T.  The package has been used quite a bit by several people.

I think most sites that have gotten T distributions have gotten
DEFAPOLLO along with the other so-called unendorsed (by the T
implementors) "T Utils" and "T Sys Utils".

If you need the source to DEFAPOLLO, get in touch with Jim Philbin
at Yale (Philbin-Jim@YALE.ARPA).

                -- Nat