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Re: barely floating

        In T (VMS), 2e2 is a legal floating point number. I doubt that you'll be
        able to guess its value. Clue: it's different from  2.e2  .
    The problem is that T uses the system supplied floating point routines
    to convert strings to floats.  T recognizes "2e2" as a float and then
    calls the system routine to convert it.   Apparently, the system and
    T have a different idea of what float "2e2" represents.  This will be
    fixed when we write our own version of Unix's atof. (Volunteers?) 
    Until then, stay away from borderline cases such as this.
Hmmmm... 2e2 on the Aegis T also returns a bizarre result, but
2e2 in DCALC, the built-in desk calculator, returns 200.  Are
you sure this isn't T's fault?