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Stream Switches

Is there any way to do stream switches in T (other than the predefined ones)?

I have a package in a separate environment and I want the user to be able 
to set the value of variables in that environment.  If I have a variable 
*tlog-output* in *tlog-env*, then I want "something" in *scratch-env* so that


returns the current value of *tlog-output* in *tlog-env*, and 

       (set (tlog-output) val)

sets *tlog-output*.  Is there any way to do this without resorting to an 
object in *scratch-env* that knows about *tlog-env*?  I.e., I know that I 
could set things up like so:

	(tlog-output *thing-that-knows-about-tlog-env*)

	(set (tlog-output *thing...*) val)

But I'd like to avoid that if possible.

						-- Scott