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Re: passing a file pointer from T to C (under UNIX)

I note with sadness that the "stream" that WITH-OUTPUT-TO-STRING creates
cannot be passed outside of T.  I wanted to be able to do this in order to
snarf up the output of a system function (in this case, ls) and then do
some further processing on it.

Undoubtedly this could be done by redirecting the output of the system
program to a file and then reading the file, but out of curiousity, is
there any easier way?

Also, can anyone explain why (Aegis) T so often comes up with odd address
error?  When trying to pop up from an error, I often get an odd address error.
Thereafter the only way to get back up to the top level is to do a (reset),
but other than this, everything works fine.  I realize that odd address
errors are probably symptomatic of many different problems, but is there
anything I can do to fix things up once one occurs?

						-- Scott