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TC Bug

Apologies for posting this to T-USERS but I got no response from
T-BUGS with my first posting.

The following simple define:

(define (causes-error)
  (catch x (labels () (x 'a))))

works fine interpreted and causes an error when I try to compile 

M'lord? tc2.8

Initializing compiler...
TC 1.4 (97) in T 2.8 (288) MC68000/AEGIS  Copyright (C) 1984  Yale University
> (comfile '/tmp/tcerr)

;----- Beginning T compilation on "/tmp/tcerr.t"

;Error: file "/tmp/tcerr.t" doesn't begin with a HERALD form
;   (This was discovered in some obscure part of the compiler.)
;Action: will use (HERALD /TMP/TCERR) for the file's HERALD
;Location: at top level

** Error: some argument didn't answer true to SYMBOL? as expected
  (PROPERTY ... #{Nonvalue #{Selector NODE WANTREP}} ...)
>> *** EOF *** 

Any help/hints/suggestions?

					-- Scott Turner