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Re: Bigger heaps

    A while ago Norman Adams sent out a message describing the way that
    the Apollo allocate the heaps. He mentioned that it does grab as much
    as it could on the Terns.

I assume you mean "does NOT grab ..."

    We have 5 terns at UCLA, and were wondering how we could use more
    of the virt.  addr.  space.  Can anyone give the changes to the
    startup code.

The change  is  simple,  but  the  installation  is not.  There's a loop
in BIGGEST_HOLE in  TTOP.PAS  that  scans  the  virtual  address  space,
performing a  test  on  every  segment  (32 segments per megabyte).  The
loop stops at 14 megabytes or so.  Simply let it run to  256  megabytes,
and do  NOT  assume  that  the "hole" at the end of the address range is

The installation isn't simple, because the test involves  an  unreleased
system call,  and  TTOP.PAS requires that you "%INCLUDE" some unreleased
(i.e., Apollo-proprietary) insert files.  If you have a  source  license\n from Apollo,  as  Yale  does,  or if you get Apollo to allow you to have
copies of the relevant insert files, you can make the  change  yourself.
If you  had  a  T license from us (Cognitive Systems), we could send you
the new executable T (though  not  the  Apollo-proprietary  sources,  of
course), since  we made this change to our version.  Otherwise, assuming
you have a T license from Yale, someone at Yale will have  to  fix  TTOP
for you.   That  may  be  difficult,  since  there's no official support
for T work at Yale these days.   Norman's  just  being  a  good  citizen
by answering the mail.