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From:     RICH@MIT-AI
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 79 01:53:21 GMT
Original-Date: 01/02/79 21:53:21 EDT
    Re: Useful Macro for doing I/O in MacLISP under New-i/o
    this brings to mind an earlier discussion with JONL about the
    need to have  LISP keep some global list of open files.

A Two suggestions for discussion. Could I have some comments about why they
are not the 'right' thing or what tradeoffs are involved, etc.

[1] (STATUS ACTIVEFILES) => might return a list of all open new-i/o file
    objects. Shouldn't mention anything being UREAD since that's handled
    in other ways.

    This would let people know if files were open and optionally map down
    them closing them.