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LIMIT-CONS for arrays and hunks

The informations provided by
 1) (ALLOC 'T)
 2) (GETSP (1+ (GETSP 0)))
 3) input to GC-DAEMON
are sufficient to write the consers you want, namely "take-new-cell if
enough space already, otherwise return ()".  One problem is that the
array space will dynamically increase and decrease (but if NORET is 
non-null, it will not decrease).
  The current action by maclisp, upon running out of any allocatable
space, was deemed satisfactory for most usages; this action is described
in the various places that the function ALLOC and the feature GC-DAEMON
is discussed.  Henry Baker's package on  AI:LIBDOC;GCDEMN BAKER1 provides
one interesting usage of these features in a way to override the system
defaults. I really don't see how programming the storage management in
machine language is less work than accepting the limitations of a LISP
system and working around that (providing of course that the limitations
are not prohibitory).