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I understand that MacLisp has no way for the user-level program to
request "try to allocate such and such an array or hunk, if you can
do it without increasing that space beyond its MAX parameter then
go ahead and return a pointer, otherwise don't allocate anything
just return NIL to indicate it lost (or throw an ERROR to be
caught by ERRSET)".  That pretty welll makes it impossible for
the user-level program to adapt itself to a given memory size,
unless it is willing to do all allocation itself.  I can do everything
myself by using assembly language.  Is anyone willing to install
such a capability, or shall I give up on MacLisp for really serious
totally-dynamic-allocation processing such as my data-compression work?
I have already given up on Mainsail (Temporarily, they seem likely
to install the feature soon, maybe maybe), SAIL, Forth, Pascal, etc.
for same reason.