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    From: RWK at MIT-MC (Robert W. Kerns)

    The RENAMEF operation on SFA's doesn't seem to work properly.  I've noticed
    several things which are not as I'd expect:

    1)  It's not documented.
    2)  (RENAMEF FOO-SFA 'MUMBLE) does a NAME operation, expecting this to
        return a namestring.
This is what it should do if the SFA can't handle RENAMEF.  That this isn't
documented is my oversight.
    4)  The NAME operation is invoked without checking the WHICH-OPERATIONS mask.
That's right!  Not every operation has a bit in the WHICH-OPERATIOSN mask.
If you invoke RENAMEF on an SFA that can't handle it, then it better be able
to handle name.  The SFA is responsible for error-checking it's operation.
    6)  It seems that it insists on trying to do a NAME operation even if there
        is a RENAMEF operation (and the RENAMEF bit is on in the mask)
This is the blatent bug, and I'll see what I can do to fix it.