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Not too long ago we had a series of discussions with some loser
about the reason why
  (//$ 3.0)  ==>  .333333332
instead of 3.0 [note that (QUOTIENT 3.0) ==> 3.0]
So there are two conventions at work here - one is to return the one
argument, and the other is to operate upon it as second arg with the
operation identity as first arg.  The latter convention thus allows
(- 3) ==> -3,  (//$ 3.0) ==>  .333333332 etc.
Now if you (Pratt) are willing to put your neck on the line for making
non-upward-compatible changes to DIFFERENCE and QUOTIENT . . .
well, I wouldn't stand in the way.  But I don't want my neck on 
the line again, especially in view of the fact that not too long ago
someone wrote a flaming message on the system about system programmers
pulling the rug out from underneath old programs;  I think his first
name started with the initial letter "V".